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22 October 2013 11:30 | By Craig Butcher, senior editor, MSN Him

Baldness breakthrough as scientists create hair that re-grows

Is a cure for baldness on the horizon?

Balding man inspects hair levels (© Getty Images)

What have boffins in lab-coats ever done for us? Well, for men, they may well have just struck gold. British scientists from Durham University have successfully grown cells that, when put back in to human skin, grow new hair. The research offers the tantalising prospect for bald or thinning men everywhere that they could, one day, re-grow their thatch. The treatment works by removing skin and hair from the back of the head, cloning these cells in a lab, and then re-injecting these multiplied cells into the patient's head. It's thought the process could be cheaper and more effective than transplants such as the one Wayne Rooney famously underwent. The only downside? Scientists have so far only grown white hair, but it's hoped that coloured hair might be possible in future.

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