24/05/2010 14:28 | By Miriam Zendle, Contributor
The world's most extreme sports

Cave diving

Cave diving (© Michael Friedel/Rex Features)
  • BASE jumping (© AP Photo/South Idaho Press, Meagan Thompson)
  • Free diving (© AP Photo/Tim Aylen)
  • Speed skiing (© AP Photo/Keystone, Olivier Maire)
  • Street luge (© Neale Haynes/Rex Features)
  • Slacklining (© Danny Lawson/PA Wire)
  • Cave diving (© Michael Friedel/Rex Features)
  • Jai Alai (© AP Photo/Bob Edme)
  • Bull running (© AP Photo/Guillermo Arias)
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If you've tried potholing in the past and would like to take it further, why not give cave diving a shot? You'll need to be certified to use Scuba equipment and a highly trained diver to indulge in this sport safely. Participants dive in natural and artificial caves, often to great depths and without the ability to ascend and exit the water swiftly.

Find out more about cave diving


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