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17 November 2011 14:18 | By Craig Butcher, content editor, MSN Him

Rik Mayall's cooking guide for the modern man

EXCLUSIVE: Rik Mayall reveals the modern man's guide to the barbecue (© Bombardier)

Last month we brought your the modern man's guide to golf with Rik Mayall and Bombardier beer. Now we're proud to bring you this video guide to cooking. Watch the cheeky video to see Rik Mayall reveal the modern man's guide to cooking

A well-executed barbecue is a beautiful thing (© Getty Images)

A well-executed barbecue is a beautiful thing

In a role apparently reminiscent of Mayall's legendary Lord Flashheart character in BBC television series of yesteryear, Blackadder, Rik Mayall is currently starring for Bombardier beer in an advertising campaign as William Bedford - a bang-on sort of chap with excellent taste and a memorable way with the ladies. So who better to show the modern man the dark arts of cooking?

Watch Rik Mayall's Bombardier beer guide to cooking

Come back in the coming weeks as we bring you more exclusive videos from Rik Mayall and Bombardier beer for the modern man. We'll have them here on MSN Him first - before anyone else on the planet.

The Bombardier character, also known as William Charles Bedford, is a Bombardier in the King's Royal Bedfordshire's. Historically, Bombardier is a rank used in artillery units in the armies of countries in the Commonwealth.

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Learn more about Bombardier on their website and remember, always enjoy alcohol in moderation.

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