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Are you an annoying man?

Are you an annoying man? (© Getty Images)

If it's a case that you're single, rarely can sustain a relationship for more than three weeks and have few friendships that have lasted more than three years - could it possibly be that you are more annoying than you think...but just don't know it?

It is said that as folks get older, especially men, they become more selfish and set in their ways, particularly if they've been living independently for years.

One reason for this is that it becomes increasingly difficult to appraise your behaviour and attitude when there are few people brave around to point out your faults. It's easier to just carry on, acting like a bull in a china shop, blindly ignoring the fact that a lack of friends, regular sex or real trustworthy pals actually comes down to you.

If this is the case perhaps it's time for a hard look in the mirror and a spot of self-analysis? The following are a few scenarios relating to relationships and the workplace that might just inform you that your present MO in life may need a little tweaking or even a complete makeover?

The 'always right guy'

In a nutshell this is Tony Blair or any number of politicians in Britain over the past couple of years. Such an image is not a good social selling point in the quest to get a girl and keep her. Even friends get tired of a mate who believes his own views and decisions are beyond reproach and questioning.

Irritating man about to make a point (© Rex Features)

A tendency towards being a know-all if likely to lose you mates and girlfriends in equal measure.

There are two types here - the guy who thinks he's right at all costs and makes sure everyone knows it to the last, or the one who compromises, gives way but still deep down believes he is the fountain of infallibility and truth. Either one it's a dangerous trait to leave unguarded and allowed to grow.

The 'lacking self-awareness guy'

Funny how some folks who bitch and moan about life or about others being miserable and whinging rarely have the self-realisation to recognise they are guilty of the same behaviour.

A close relative of mine was constantly acting this way on Facebook. After reading too many of his extremely annoying messages the only solution was to 'de-friend' him. Make sure your behaviour doesn't warrant the same severe response.

Women in particular don't like whining men, unless of course they're exactly the same and realise they've met their match.

The 'attention-seeking guy'

Social network sites allow the most annoying kind of indulgent behaviour from people - especially from self-absorbed men and women in equal measures. Are public messages such as 'Why does life treat me so badly?' or 'I feel nobody loves me' genuine calls for help or pathetic pleas for attention and sympathy?

Man with head in hands behind laptop (© Rex Features)

Sharing your pain with the world via Facebook and Twitter is not an endearing quality.

The internet provides a platform for not only self-confessional waffle but the means to massage the egos of folks who desperately want to appear 'special'.

The 'passive-aggressive guy'

This is a trait commonly displayed by most Apprentice contestants and one that generally refers to when people use their personalities to manipulate others and get their own way.

Employing stubbornness or an unwillingness to compromise or agree at any cost is a particularly annoying form behaviour that grates with loved ones, friends and work colleagues.

If you're not sure this ugly habit relates to you personally just ask yourself, when was the last time you agreed with others in a heated debate or actually gave way? If the answer is "not recently", it might be time to re-evaluate.

The 'one way conversation guy'

If there's one thing worse than a guy having selective hearing it's the irritating action of cutting people off mid-sentence or only allowing others to reply in the kind of hurried response befitting of a machine gun.

Frustrated woman trying to talk to a man (© Getty Images)

Not letting her get a word in edgeways is a recipe for disaster.

Women in particular rate this anti-social and mortifying habit as one of the most annoying. It doesn't matter if you resemble George Clooney or even how good you are in bed. Keep making her feel she's not worth listening to and you can count your relationship in days, not weeks.

The 'annoying ticks guy'

When a guy is universally loved, especially by his partner, it doesn't matter so much that he eats like a toothless camel, taps his fingers and feet constantly or says things like "lovely jubbly".

But when he's a particularly disagreeable person a good deal of the day, slight and even trivial ticks are amplified to onlookers. If you know you're the not the meekest and easiest of people to deal with then try to lessen external animosity from others by controlling annoying anti-social habits such as eating like a Neanderthal, breaking wind in public or talking as if you have to be heard while planes fly over.

The 'dissing guy'

Most people like a bit ribbing and sarcastic banter now and then but when a guy constantly appears to be critical of everyone and everything around him it sends alarm bells ringing.

Woman covering man's mouth (© Getty Images)

Constantly criticising everyone is not a good trait. No one wants to hear it.

It's annoying enough for work colleagues to hear such a guy passing judgment on everyone but himself, but even more difficult for his partner to stomach if she believes her family and friends are viewed as idiots.

It's smart to remember that everyone deserves respect - to a point - and not so great for a relationship if you appear like a male version of Anne Robinson on The Weakest Link.

The 'what have I done? guy'

If you've got too plastered to remember a planned date or left a girl hanging around like a lemon in the pouring rain due to the fact that you were too busy chatting with mates or watching sports on TV - don't aggravate the situation by making out that it's not you who is unreasonable.

One major indication of a conceited ego is a man who can't own up to his faults or the fact that he's screwed up. It's not just annoying for the women he goes out with but also exasperating for friends and work colleagues alike.

The 'potty mouth guy'

Some guys believe that if they use slang or swear like an ill-educated trooper it will give them 'edge' and relieve them from their middle-class roots.

Actually such crass behaviour is not only irritating to colleagues or other listeners having to suffer such affectations, but it also comes across as hugely disrespectful.

Man bellowing into mobile phone (© Rex Features)

Beligerent bouts of swearing don't give you an edge, they just make you sound crass and disrespectul.

The girlfriend or first date might have an accent that can sandpaper a mahogany sideboard but that doesn't mean she's stupid. She deserves better.

Natural swearing when angry or to accentuate an anecdote is permissible but talking like a 12-year-old schoolboy who is daring to use the F-word in public is simply annoying and tedious.

The 'autocratic guy'

This doesn't just mean flicking over the TV channel as if no one else's viewing habits matter or taking the Christmas tree down several days early without informing the rest of the household.

It's also about not bothering to seek any form of consultation with others before simply just doing what Mr Autocratic guy wants to do.

Mussolini might have got away with such nonsense but it's unlikely Joe Bloggs will survive acting out similar didactic and insensitive behaviour without seriously cheesing off everyone around him.

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