Hugh Wilson
14/11/2011 14:10 | By Hugh Wilson, contributor, MSN Him
10 challenges to bring out the man in you

Take a screen break

Take a screen break (© Getty images)
  • Take a screen break (© Getty images)
  • Try 50 new beers (© Getty images)
  • Walk everywhere (© Getty images)
  • Eat everything (© Getty images)
  • Exercise your brain (© Getty images)
  • Shop wild (© Getty images)
  • Build something (© Getty images)
  • Learn self-defence (© Getty images)
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A tricky one this. Turn off the TV, and move away from the Xbox. Challenge yourself to spending a week without screen-based entertainment: no telly, no computer games and no computer use except for work. And what will you do instead? Well, that's entirely up to you, but we figure by day three you'll be bored enough to come up with some exciting and creative alternatives.

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