Joey Essex and Cristiano Ronaldo wear short shorts  REX
Men: step away from the short shorts

Joey Essex has been spotted wearing a pair of mini shorts, spawning a host of fashion copycats. We need to put a stop to this NOW, says Periwinkle Jones.

Man on tiptoes facing woman  Tristan Paviot-Getty Images
What’s wrong with short guys?

A new poll has revealed that over 70% of women wouldn’t want to date a short guy. That’s more for me, says Periwinkle Jones.

Frank Gallagher  Mark Campbell-Rex Features
I’m no Frank Gallagher

Modern dads are routinely portrayed as useless. It’s discrimination - and it’s just not true

Actor Vin Diesel  Associated Press
No need to swap sex for hair implants – bald guys are sexy

A survey published this week found that one in six bald men would give up sex for a year if they could get their hair back.

Man buying lingerie in a street market  Associated Press
Men should never wear lingerie

A new range of lacy, frilly lingerie for men has hit the shops – but men should never wear it.

Newborn child  Getty Images
Fathers can't get post-traumatic stress from witnessing childbirth

PTS from witnessing a birth? If father's can't take the heat, they need to get out of the delivery room.

Forget Simon Cowell and his botox: women want a real man…  Jordan Strauss-Invision-AP
Forget Simon Cowell and his botox: women want a real man…

Details of Simon Cowell's beauty regime have leaked to the press – and they're not pretty.

Cancer tests? I'd rather not know.  Reuters
Cancer tests? I'd rather not know.

A £5 cancer test will soon be put on sale to the general public. But Periwinkle Jones would rather not know her reaper odds…

Pay for window shopping? Don’t be ridiculous

An Australian shop is charging shoppers who don’t buy anything. They must be mad, says Hugh Wilson

Man running  Getty Images
Forget two minute work-outs - I want to slog for an hour

Another ‘micro-workout’ has hit the news, but it's not really proper exercise.

Clown  Getty Images
Yoko Ono and make-up: leave men alone

Having just done clothes, Yoko Ono has turned her attention to men’s make-up. Lord save us...

Old man by the water  RICARDO MORAES-Newscom-RTR
Live to 150? What a nightmare!

New research offers hope of extra long life. But I for one really don't want it.

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