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The places where women outnumber men

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It's a long held male fantasy that in some isolated and inhospitable corner of the globe - the darkest depths of the Amazonian rainforest, for instance - there lives a primitive tribe made up entirely of scantily-clad women.

But after centuries of exploration, it seems unlikely that any such tribe will ever be found (except perhaps on the late night output of the more obscure cable movie channels). But don't despair. MSN Him has come up with the next best thing.

There may be no tribe made up entirely of women, but there are places - countries, cities, colleges, offices - where women are the dominant gender, if only by sheer weight of numbers. These are places where statistics suggest your chances of hooking up with the opposite sex are significantly increased.

We're not suggesting you buy a ticket to Bulgaria now, but it's nice to know the option is available. In the meantime, here's our guide to the places where women outnumber men.


Cropped image of the Kremlin (© Getty Images)

Former Eastern Bloc countries like Russia, host of the Kremlin, have a much higher ratio of women to men than elsewhere

There are lots of countries where women outnumber men (you probably live in one), but we're guessing that a surfeit of sexy 85-year-olds is not what you're after. So for countries with a particularly high proportion of young women, you have to look for nations who are still, sadly, suffering from the consequences of major wars, or those where lifestyle factors tend to see off young men early.

The old Eastern Bloc is a case in point. Take Russia, for instance, where the women are famously lovely and there are plenty of them to go around. Russia's population comprises 52% women and 48% men, which doesn't sound like a lot but equates to excess females in every adult age group.

Bulgaria is similarly girl-heavy, and in Hungary women make up 53% of the population.

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Again, your first port of call should be Eastern Europe. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is great for history, culture, and curvy blonde cuties: Kiev is 54% female.

And perhaps your next holiday destination should be Mahe Island, in the Seychelles, which features wonderful beaches, water sports and a 53% to 47% female to male split.

New York taxi cab in Times Square district (© Getty Images)

New York plays host to bright lights and lots of ladies

Of course, they love a Brit in America, which is particularly useful to know if you're heading for Washington DC, where women outnumber men by nine to eight (in population terms, that's a lot) or New York, where there are 860,000 men between the ages of 20 and 34 and 910,000 women. In other words, New York boasts 50,000 young women desperate for a date.

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UK university students throwing mortarboards in the air (© PA)

UK universities have an increasingly high proportion of women to men

If your university course offers the chance of a year of study in the States, go for it. You'll love the new learning experiences, the invigorating clash of old and new world cultures, and the fact that - for the past decade - American colleges have been enrolling far more women than men.

In fact, 57% of college enrollers in America are female. In some Universities, like South Carolina, women make up 60% of the student body and complain to anyone who'll listen about the difficulties they have in snagging a date. In other!

If you want to stay in the UK, get into animals. We're not being rude. The Royal Veterinary College in London boasts the highest female to male sex ratio in the country - a mind-boggling 78% of students are girls. Unless you count Newnham College at Cambridge University, which incredibly is 100% women. Great news, though pretty exclusive.

Queen Margaret University near Edinburgh is similarly lady-heavy, while among institutions you might actually have heard of, the Universities of Worcester, Dundee and, um, Roehampton are the ones to plump for.

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Actresses playing air hostesses at a movie premiere (© PA)

Cabin crew isn't the only profession with a higher-than-average ratio of women

Of course, when you're finished at a girl-tastic university you might want to find a job where the gender ratio is still in your favour. You could go for the usual suspects - nursery nurse, cabin crew, make-up artist - but if ambition or dignity forbids it, it's worth knowing that a number of major professions are becoming more feminised with every passing year.

Most trainee barristers, for example, are now women, and if current trends continue most doctors will be female within a couple of years. Even in male dominated jobs like IT, more women are taking top positions.

Meanwhile, if you want to teach, head for Wales. There are three women teachers for every man in the Welsh education system. Oh, and one more thing. One study suggests that there will be more female millionaires than male ones by 2021, so there'll be plenty of openings for the job of toyboy.

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The problem with trying to meet girls in pubs, bars and clubs is that there are at least five lecherous men for every attractive woman. But there are plenty of social opportunities where women outnumber men, if you're prepared to do something out of the ordinary.

Waitress taking order in coffee shop (© Getty Images)

Coffee shops are a great place to meet women

Women don't like going into pubs alone, but they're happy to sit in coffee shops for hours reading a book or tapping away on laptops or mobiles. Every afternoon, your average Starbucks or Caffè Nero is packed with eligible females.

The gender ratio of evening classes (in everything from French or massage to dance and cooking) is even more favourable. Late night openings at museums and art galleries, meanwhile - effectively singles nights for culture vultures - are a magnet for urbane, sophisticated women. Just make sure you brush up on your Monet or Magritte before you go.

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