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Let your inner superhero show

Your inner superhero

Man jumping (© REX/Image Source)
  • Man jumping (© REX/Image Source)
  • Man with frame around his eyes (© REX/WestEnd61)
  • Business man running (© REX/OJO Images)
  • Man leaping towards stairs (© REX/OJO Images)
  • Muscular man drinking (© REX/Image Source)
  • Man playing basketball (© REX/Image Source)
  • Business men (© REX/WestEnd61)
  • Man listening (© REX/Image Source)
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Do you ever wish you had crazy superpowers that will make you stand out from the crowd? You may not be able to jump across buildings to get to work or be invisible to escape situations, but the human body has some natural powers which are just as incredible. Here's how to make the most of them.

Click through the photos above and unleash your powers.

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