07/12/2011 14:15 | By Hugh Wilson, contributor, MSN Him
History’s greatest honey traps

A look at when gorgeous women lure men into compromising positions.

Famous honey traps, including the Ian Clement case. (© Image © Johnny Green - PA Wire)
  • Famous honey traps, including the Ian Clement case. (© Image © Johnny Green - PA Wire)
  • Mordechai Vanunu (© Image © Rex Features)
  • Clayton J Lonetree (© Image © Associated Press)
  • Colin Stagg (© Image © Mark Large - Daily Mail - Rex Features)
  • President Ahmed Sukarno (© Image © Associated Press)
  • Ian Clement (© Image © Rex Features)
  • Bernard Boursicot (© Image © Associated Press)
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Many men - regardless of wealth, intelligence, power or status - have one major weakness. They find it almost impossible to resist a beautiful woman. And that weakness has been exploited almost since the dawn of humanity. The honey trap - when gorgeous women lure weak-willed men into compromising positions (or worse) - has proved the undoing of thousands. Here are six occasions when a man's libido has been his downfall.

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