22 August 2013 15:00 | By Sam Ashton, contributor, MSN Him

Single men change their sheets just four times a year

Talk about airing your dirty laundry, men have admitted to changing bed sheets just once every three months.

Bed bugs (© Roger Eritja - Getty Images)

The stereotype of the unclean young student-type living in unhygienic conditions has long been forgotten with the rise of the modern, metrosexual man, right? Unfortunately not, it seems. The average single man changes his bed sheets just once every three months and owns just one set of bed linen. A new survey has revealed that 55% of men between 18 and 25 wash their sheets just four times a year.

Single women came out of the survey of 2,004 people by mattress maker Ergoflex, smelling of roses, claiming to change their bed sheets once every two and a half weeks. Couples appeared the cleanest, changing their sheets every two weeks.

17% of the single men polled admitted that a prospective partner had been put off by their dirty linen (shock) but when the worst bed sheet offenders were questioned, 49% thought their cleaning habits were acceptable while 19% just didn’t care.

Jed MacEwan, Managing Director of Ergoflex UK said: “We were quite alarmed at the apparent lack of basic hygiene from some respondents. Unclean bed sheets contain the tens of thousands of dead skin cells that we shed every night, and by going months without cleaning them you’re risking some distinctly unpleasant consequences every time you go to bed.”

How often do you change your bed sheets? How often is too often, and when does it become unhygienic? Let us know you thoughts in the comments below.

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