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Oral-B Pro-Expert 'super-toothpaste' review

Toothpaste brand Oral-B have launched Pro-Expert (© Oral-B)

Dental brand Oral-B have launched a new 'super-toothpaste', Pro-Expert, a toothpaste 15 years in the making. We explain why it has taken so long and give our verdict on whether it was worth the wait.

The new 'super-toothpaste' is claiming some impressive results (© Getty Images)

The new 'super-toothpaste' is claiming some impressive results

It's not often the launch of a new toothpaste causes ripples outside the world of dentistry and dental clinics, but Procter & Gamble, the company behind the Oral-B dental brand and its new Pro-Expert 'super-toothpaste', think they're on to something.

"After 15 years in development, this unique paste offers a scientific breakthrough in oral care," says Dr Robert Gerlach, chief dental research fellow at Procter & Gamble. "Our technology and key ingredients are supported by more than 70 scientific studies proving that Oral-B is at the forefront of scientific innovation and advancement in oral care. We are proud to present a toothpaste as good as our toothbrushes."

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Part of the reason it's taken 15 years to develop is, as Dr Gerlach says, that the toothpaste was subjected to 70 different scientific studies into its efficacy. The company are certainly claiming some impressive results. Their studies suggest:

  1. The teeth whitening element of the toothpaste removes up to 96% of surface stains in two weeks;
  2. The toothpaste provides a 49% reduction in bad breath after just a week, rising to 71% after three weeks;
  3. Up to 44% less sensitivity after eight weeks;
  4. 57% reduction in gum problems; and
  5. 56% less tartar.

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Our verdict

The new 'super-toothpaste' is claiming some impressive results (© Getty Images)

The new 'super-toothpaste' is claiming some impressive results

It was certainly an unusual texture the first time I tried it (something the MSN Him web producer, Lee Harvey, also highlighted) Butcher says: "At first it's quite granular in the mouth - a little like a light, liquid sandpaper, but after a few days I got used to it. I'm usually wary of whitening my teeth because there's a danger you lose layers of hardy enamel. There's no overpowering whack of mint either (I'm used to pretty potent toothpaste brands), it's quite gentle. It tastes and smells more like the pastes you get at a dentist too and after three weeks seems to be pretty effective. I'll see what my dentist says at my next check-up, but so far I'm pretty impressed with the results."

Sarah Hecks, MSN Life & Style fashion editor has also been trying the new paste. "I love brushing my teeth and will do anything to prevent dental interference and the dreaded dentist's drill," says Hecks. "So I was very excited to try this toothpaste. On first go I couldn't help but notice that it has a very professional smell to it - like the dentists itself - which I took as a good sign. It tasted very minty but a little crunchy at the beginning (this is the whitening agents apparently) after I finished cleaning my teeth, my mouth felt menthol fresh and my teeth felt super clean. I was really impressed. I've only used it a couple of times but will certainly be adding it to my bathroom cabinet arsenal because clinical research showed up to 96% less stains in two weeks! Now that really is something to smile about."

What's different about Oral-B's Pro-Expert toothpaste?

The new toothpaste is the first and only toothpaste to combine two key ingredients in one paste (stannous fluoride and Oral-B's polyphosphate system). The idea is that together they might provide better all-round protection. It claims to deliver results across the eight areas that dentists check most: cavities, gums, plaque, sensitivity, enamel, tartar, surface stains and fresh breath for better all-round protection.

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New Oral-B Pro-Expert is available now at Boots, supermarkets and other leading retailers. RRP: £3.49 for 75ml.

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