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14/12/2011 20:02 | By Craig Butcher, content editor, MSN Him
Men's shower gels rated by women

13th: Flying fox shower gel by Lush

13th: Flying fox shower gel by Lush (© Lush)
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Rebecca: Sex! Hooray! What! Monica: Er, it says it's for PMS? Katherine: Liquid looks like a collection of urine samples... Nicole: Fresh, young and funky. Sarah: Bit worried about the mention of PMS...

Reminds me of:

Rebecca: Jasmine. Monica: Overpowering incense. Katherine: Traditional soaps. Nicole: Green tea. Sarah: Girls.

Wearer would be:

Rebecca: Is he really a man? Monica: You smell like a girl! Katherine: Still living with his mum. Nicole: Not very keen, think 'new age hippy'. Sarah: It's a feminine shower gel?!

Smell rating out of 10:

Rebecca: 4. Monica: 4. Katherine: 2. Nicole: 6. Sarah: 6.

Total score: 22/50

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