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Best and worst tattoos on men

Justin Timberlake

Worst - Justin Timberlake (© Startraks-Photo-Rex Features)
  • Best - Steve-O (© Newspix-Rex Features)
  • Best - Brad Pitt (© Startraks-Photo-Rex Features)
  • Worst - Justin Timberlake (© Startraks-Photo-Rex Features)
  • Professional body piercer Dave Hurban of New Jersey (© East News-Rex Features)
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We think... Best

Like many celebs, Justin Timberlake is prone to celebrating his success with a tattoo or two. One celebration we think he might already regret is the tattoo on his right leg that depicts the logo of his old band, N-Sync.

Consisting of a band of flames that were N-Sync's logo at the time, the crudely coloured red and blue tattoo is finished off by the addition of a red rope to represent the fame and celebrity Justin's band brought him. Let JT be an example to you of how tacky tattoos just don't work.

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