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Best and worst tattoos on men

Best and worst tattoos for men

David Beckham unveils Chinese tattoo (© Getty Images)
  • David Beckham unveils Chinese tattoo (© Getty Images)
  • Worst - Mike Tyson (© Rex Features)
  • Worst - Wayne Rooney (© Nils Jorgensen-Rex Features)
  • Worst - David Beckham (© Gregory Pace-BEI-Rex Features)
  • Worst - Jamie Foxx (© PF-Keystone-USA-Rex Features)
  • Worst - Rick Genest (© East News-Rex Features)
  • Tommy Lee (© Rohan Karthik-Rex Features)
  • Worst - Harry Judd (© Mr JCY-Rex Features)
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Celebrity footballer (well, some of the time) David Beckham has just revealed his body tattoo on a recent jaunt around China. In a clever case of playing to the gallery, Beckham lifted his shirt to show his audience this Chinese-character tattoo. He was giving a talk to university students in Beijing as part of his five-day tour of China as an ambassador for kid's football.

Broadly translated as 'death and life are in the lap of the gods while fortunes and honours are determined by heaven'. Fortunately he has enough people around him to ensure what he asks for is what ends up with. Not so some other men who feature in our gallery.

A tattoo is subjective. Unless you know the story behind what it stands for and why it is what it is, what is a great tattoo to its owner can be an unnecessary and ugly blight to a casual observer. But what makes a good tattoo? Tattoo artists point out that badly drawn or crudely coloured artwork is unforgivable, whereas balance, shape, placement and the emotional connection of the wearer are integral to making a tattoo great. Take a look over our selection and let us know what you think.

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